I’m a chemical educator who specializes in helping students succeed in introductory and organic chemistry courses. Over the years I’ve also trained and mentored new instructors, developed auxiliary courses to supplement student preparation, and developed and incorporated learning technologies into large lecture courses, such as the Lightboard.

With Prof. Marc Loudon (Purdue University), I am the co-author of Organic Chemistry, 7th edition, Macmillan Learning, a widely used First Year/Sophomore-level organic chemistry textbook. I have also authored and co-authored laboratory manuals, and a peer-reviewed book chapter on writing in the laboratory.

In addition to teaching general and organic chemistry, I have also taught various chemistry laboratories, and courses in the chemistry of cooking, fermentation, and distillation. 🍺

Some of my latest efforts have been aimed at developing and implementing programs designed to support the retention and success of underrepresented groups, specifically women, ethnic minorities, and first-generation college students, in STEM fields. See galvinscholars.nd.edu for an example.

Academic Positions

2022-present. Professor of the Practice of Chemistry, Duke University

2011-2021. Teaching Professor, University of Notre Dame

2008-2011. Instructor, Organic Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Duke University

Education and Training

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

PhD, Chemistry, Duke University

BS, Chemistry, State University of New York at Oswego

Ongoing Projects

Textbook: Loudon & Parise, Organic Chemistry, 7th Edition, Macmillan Learning, 2021

Parise, Loudon, & Bonner, Study Guide and Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry, 7th Edition, Macmillan Learning, 2021

Current and Future Courses

⤻ Organic Chemistry 1

⌬ Organic Chemistry 2

🧪 Core Concepts in Chemistry